Website Development

Major Areas for Website Development :


Many Terms to Learn on Web Development. To Avoid Waste Time on Simply
Prioritize the Objectives of Your Action / Effort Before Start Learning.

  1. Website Services (Domain Name & Hosting) : (Yearly Renewal)
  2. Website Development / Website Revamp : (One Time Cost)
  3. Website Content Management : (Monthly or Yearly Package / As-And-When Applicable)
  4. Website Marketing & Promotions (SEO,SEM, SMO, SMM) : (Add-On Cost If Applicable)
  5. Website Presence Through Search Engine Optimization : (Add-On Cost If Applicable)
  6. Social Media Marketing : (Add-On Cost If Applicable)
  7. Web Tools for Event Support & Online Marketing : (Add-On Cost If Applicable)
  8. Website Audit & SEO Audit (For Existing Website) : (Add-On Cost If Applicable)
  9. Website Analytics & Evaluation (For Existing Website) : (Add-On Cost If Applicable)
  10. Website Security & Content Backup (For New / Existing Website) : (Add-On Cost If Applicable)

Sample Websites For Reference : 

  • For better understanding of your website requirements, kindly list few sample websites that you prefer for us to refer.

Website Budget : 

  • If you have any specific budget, please advise. So that we try to work within your budget permits and we will let you know what we can deliver within your budget and then you decide further. You make the BEST decision for your organization.

Website Cost Range (Subject to Final User Requirements) :

  • Website Package BUDGET range to recommend (subject to website system, website structure, layout design, features needed, website content to generate, photography, shopping, payment gateway, video,  gallery, animations, web marketing, search engine optimization needs and many factors including number of meetings for Consultancy, Personalized Training and Travelling cost:

Major Segments in Website Publishing and System Development using WordPress : 

  • DIY (Total Do It Your Self), 
  • Standard & Advanced Development, 
  • High-End System Customization for Design, Website Structural  & End-User Features required

Optional Services (Add-On Cost) :

  1. Website Content Management (Weekly / Monthly / Yearly / Ad-Hoc Updates)
  2. Web Training / Web Coaching (Online / Face-to-Face: Hourly Rate Applies) Traveling Cost If Applicable.
  3. Upgrade Website Layout to More Corporate Appearance with Bigger Budget.

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