2 – Changing the Website Theme (Inspirations)

BoldGrid Inspirations are used to change your website look  Each Inspiration provides a responsively designed theme (Mobile Friendly) that is organised into categories based on industry standard websites. BoldGrid Inspiration makes it easy to insert your content and modify it to meet your needs.



1. If you are not already logged into the WordPress Dashboard, please log in to install a BoldGrid Inspiration.


2. Click on Inspirations from the menu at left

Click Inspirations


3. You will see the different Inspirations listed and represented by a thumbnail graphic at right.  You will also see a Category Filter that will allow you to choose the Inspirations based on an industry type. Click on a category to filter the Inspirations that you see, or click on an Inspiration in order to see the Inspiration in more detail. Select the Inspiration that you wish to use


Choose category and Select Inspiration

4. Choose Content.

  • Each Inspiration has 3 different page sets:  Select Five Page
  • Add Functionality allows you add an optional blog component to your site.
  • Coin Budget: Free

Choose Content

Click on the Next button to continue.





5. Under the Contact tab, fill in the optional contact and social media information you would like to appear on your page. (This contact information will display on the Contact Us page and your social media widgets.

Fill in Contacts




6. Click on Install this website to install a BoldGrid Inspiration.




7. You will then see the BoldGrid Inspiration being installed into your WordPress site.  After it is completed, you will be given a congratulatory message indicating that your new BoldGrid site has been installed and is ready to view.  You will have the option to click on  Customize  in order to begin modifying the site title and logo


4212-inspiration-installing 4212-installation-completed

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