12 – How to Modify the Email Address in the Contact Form

Form submissions will automatically be sent to the admin email address in your BoldGrid site.  This is the address you entered when you first installed WordPress. We will show you how to view/modify the email address in Ninja Forms of your BoldGrid site. We’ll also walk you through testing the […]

11 – Creating a Blog Post

Pages vs Post Pages Think about the kind of pages that make up a typical website. Most often you’ll see pages like “Home”, “About Us”, “Services”, “Contact Us”, etc. Within WordPress these are often treated as Pages; documents that have no particular regard for the time they were posted. For example, […]

10 – How to Customize Background Images

In this article, you will learn how to customize background images of a BoldGrid site. BoldGrid provides an image selection option as well as multiple patterns from which you can choose. Click Background.  Click Change Image.   Upload the water-sport.png image and click Select.   Next, crop the image by moving the window all the […]

9 – How to Add a PDF to a Page

In this article, you will learn how to add a PDF in a page or post using page and post editor. You can use this feature to add something like a resume, CV, flowchart, or virtually any kind of document — available for download by your visitors. 1. Log into BoldGrid. 2. Click Pages. 3. […]

8 – How To Add a Video

By the end of this article, you will know how to embed a video into a BoldGrid page. Embedding a video from a popular video site (like YouTube) is as easy as pasting a link to that video into your page. WordPress uses oEmbed to provide support to embed various media types easily. In this […]

7 – How to Create Image Galleries in your Website

  WordPress has made it easy for you to create image galleries in pages and posts.  You can quickly create a gallery without anything but the base WordPress functionality – no plugin needed!  We will walk you through the steps for creating image galleries in the steps below.   Before you begin, you […]

6 – How to Edit the Top Menu Links

Menus are the primary navigation method for your site visitors. They will be using the menus to learn more about your site, navigate between pages, and interact with your site offerings.   1. Click the Customize button.     2. Choose Menus.   You may notice you have some default menus already installed. […]

5 – How to Edit the About Us & Contact Page

Now that you have finished editing the Home page, we will learn how to edit the About Us page. Editing the About Us Page   1. Click on the Pages option from the left-hand menu. 2. Hover above About Us and click Edit.   Editing the Content To edit the text, just click inside the text areas […]

4 – How to Edit the Home Page

Now that we have built the base site with an Inspiration and made some preferred changes with the Customizer, it is now time to modify the page content to represent our sample company. This will not involve changing colours and fonts as those have already been done via the Customizer. This is about […]

3 – Change Site Title & Logo in WordPress Customizer

Having a strong site title is a critical ingredient for making your website great. For business professionals, web designers, or anyone managing a website, formulating a strategic site title can help a site stand out to visitors and provide better search engine results. Whether you are using a site title in the […]