4 – How to Edit the Home Page

Now that we have built the base site with an Inspiration and made some preferred changes with the Customizer, it is now time to modify the page content to represent our sample company. This will not involve changing colours and fonts as those have already been done via the Customizer. This is about changing the layout and content of the page itself. We will begin by learning how to edit the Homepage.


Opening the Page for Editing

1. Click on the Pages option from the left-hand sidebar menu.



2. Next, hover over Home and click Edit.




Editing the Home Page Content

You will be dealing with several sections while learning to edit the home page. We will go over each section and discuss how to change them. We will go over title and text changes first and then do the images Home and The sample page here uses the Swifty theme. Your theme may contain different Gridblocks, but the concepts are the same.


Changing Title Text

The first area of the top Gridblock is a title area. To change the content, click somewhere in the box containing the text. From here you can delete the existing title and replace it with your own.

Click to change Type your own message

 Modifying Paragraph Text

Click in an area that contains the stock paragraph text. This opens the area for editing. Highlight all the content in the column of the box and delete it. Once deleted, add your own paragraph. Do the same for the second column.

Highlight text Fill in custom text

Editing the Home Page Images

Working with the images is one of the elements you will manipulate when learning how to edit the home page. Using your own images, you will need to upload them to your site, then add them to the page. After that, each image may need configuration to get the right look.

Replacing Images

Once your images have been uploaded, you can replace the stock ones on the page.

1. Click on the image and a small toolbar will appear at the top. Click on the Change option.

Click Change


2. This will bring you to the Media Library tab of the Replace Image screen. Locate and click on the image you want to use. A blue border will appear around it with a checkmark, this means it is selected. Click on the Replace button.

Select replacement image


3. You may be asked to crop the image. If you want to use the whole image, click on the Skip Cropping button. You can crop if you wish to trim edges of the image.



4. The new image will be inserted. Notice it is not the same size as the previous image. Don’t worry about that for now as you can adjust it later. After replacing stock images, you may notice that the sizes don’t quite match.To make the images even and aligned, you will need to edit each one. Click on the top image and then on the “Edit” button from the toolbar.

Adjust image size

On the Image Details page, set the Size option to “Custom Size” then set the Width option to your desired size. Next, click on the Update button.

Once you have completed altering your images, click on the “Update” button to save the changes.


Changing the Section Background

You may have noticed that our section has a predetermined background image. This is easily customized with the section background button.

Background original

Once you have selected the Section Background button pictured above, you can choose from different background images, colours or patterns.

Select from images, colors, or patterns



Your home page should now be complete and look vastly different than when you started. If you look at your page on your site you will see  your content along with the theme changes you made in the Customizer. Our sample site is shown to the right.  Now that you have learned how to edit the home page you can edit the “About Us” page.

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